Wednesday, February 25, 2015


From time to time, I expect we all have one of those mornings. 

You know…you get up, head to the job—but once you're there, find you can't quite bring yourself to go to work. Instead, you just want to turn your back on the whole mess, ignore everything, avoid the same-old boring routine, and simply stare at the woods awhile as you catch a few warm rays.

Yep, I truly understand the mood and impetus of the great blue heron who, even now, an hour after I first spotted it and made my images, is still standing in the exact same spot and pose. Oblivious to the snow and cold. Content for the moment to shift from one long leg to the other and let that bright ol' February sun warm his feathers. Musing, perhaps, of all those tasty little fishes who'll fall prey to his deadly sneak-and-stab tactics later on—when hunger calls and he shakes the hump-day blues and decides to get down to the business of fishing.

We're alike in more ways than one—that stately old bird and I. Both feeling a little weary, probably a bit cantankerous, and neither particularly thrilled or in much of a hurry, to be shouldering responsibility and getting with the program this sunny Wednesday morning.