Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The island across from the cottage yesterday, just after the snow quit.

It snowed yesterday…the first real snow this time around. What the old folks would have referred to as a "sticking snow."

Heretofore the closest we'd come were a few flakes swirling about on northerly winds a time or two over the last couple of weeks. Never enough to scoop up a teaspoon full, let alone whiten the ground. 

But this one wasn't messing about—it began early, soon after daylight, and kept at it until mid-afternoon. Four or five inches worth. The sky stayed dim and sullen the whole day. 

Today, the sun is shining bright and the sky's a radiant azure blue. But numbingly cold—3˚F for last night's low and only 12˚F now, an hour before noon. Too cold too soon! Most years we never experience such arctic lows before mid-January.

Ahh, well…that's Ohio for you. And cold or not, the snow is lovely. 

The same island view, except made today with blue skies and sunshine!


Monday, December 5, 2016


Great blue heron, stalking a breakfast fish along the river near the cottage, on a cloudy morning a few days ago.

Well, it's been awhile. Longer, certainly, than I intended—though in truth, maybe just long enough. Looking back, it was painfully obvious I needed a break. My posts were boring, repetitious; I could feel myself getting stale.

Ongoing remodeling work had literally engulfed my life and mind. I've scarcely made a photo in months, other than an occasional shot from around the yard or along the stretch of river which flows past the cottage. From early autumn until just before Thanksgiving, as time grew shorter, I became increasingly exhausted both physically and mentally—desperate to finish several projects before the holidays. 

This was accomplished, thanks to the tireless and expert help of my wonderful neighbor Mike, who did practically all the plumbing. A huge worry lifted off my mind! 

During my hiatus, several dear and faithful readers—true friends—called, messaged or emailed, wondering if I was okay. I was, except for a trip to the E.R. in November, to drain 100-plus mls of fluid from under an injured kneecap. That flat hurt! And I do apologize to those made fearful during the week-long recovery, when I gimped around the house at high-speed—a one-crutched Chester (remember Gunsmoke?)—and doubtless a mortal danger not only to myself but anyone nearby, especially those inadvertently trapped in a hall or doorway.

Thank you, one and all. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your thoughts and concern.
I probably won't be posting more than a time or two per week for a bit. I continue working on the house when I can, and still need to saw and split sufficient firewood to get us through winter. On top of which, Christmas and New Year's loom, with their attendant preparations and celebrations. 

But I've returned—and glad to be back, because it honestly feels like coming home.