Thursday, December 18, 2008


Home. The word is especially meaningful as Christmas and the holiday season draws near. Something akin to magic fills the air and captures our hearts. We speak of home, think of home, wish for home. Home is that place of warmth and comfort…and love. No matter how old we are, there’s a need—a longing—for home in all of us. Home affords us safety, refuge. Home is where the hearthfire always burns bright and the table is freshly laden with all our favorite foods. Home is where we hear laughter, and music, and when we need it, understanding silence. Most important, home is where kith and kin gather ‘round—folks who know us inside-out…and like us anyway. Home is our most precious idea, our greatest gift. And that is why, during this most introspective, nostalgic time of the year, home comes so often into our thoughts. When we celebrate the season, we celebrate home.