Monday, September 30, 2013


The weatherman promised an overcast morning with sun this afternoon. It has taken all day for that forecast to come true, but ten minutes ago, just for a moment or two, the sun briefly appeared.

No matter. In spite of the persistent cloud cover, through some rare trickery of light and season I don't pretend to understand, this has been a day filled with magical golden illumination. Not overpoweringly yellow-gold…just a tinge, a delicate over-wash that seemed to suffuse the very air itself. 

Still, I noticed it this morning the moment I stepped out with the dog for her early amble. Lovely, though I thought it due to the sunrise invisible somewhere to the east beyond the clouds. Yet the colored light was still golden-tinged come midmorning, remained unabated at noon, and continued adding it honeyed luster to my riverbank world later in the afternoon when I made a snap of a sulphur butterfly investigating the few remaining zinnias along the walkway. 

I can offer no logical explanation, except it doesn't seem directly related to season—at least not as a reflected effect of changing leaf color, most of which are still unchanged and decidedly green. However, it sure feels and appears autumnal…an October investiture, maybe; a sort of luminous compliment in pure, pale gold.

For me—and most surely today—a much appreciated gift of wonder and delight. 


Debbie said...

Sometimes these things occur, and it does seem like a miraculous moment. Like the sky in the evening after a storm sometimes, with the clouds all purple and pink, the most beautiful sky just before the sun sets. I think many people just forget to notice. I'm glad it wasn't wasted on you. :D

The Weaver of Grass said...

Honeyed lustre describes that light perfectly Grizz. We get it here in the UK sometimes - only in Autumn.

Grizz………… said...


You are right—so many of these special moments go unnoticed. Which says a lot about where our value systems are, I expect. And about what we miss or lose out on; moments which might have made a difference.

Because of my photography interest, I do try and remain aware of light, its angle and strength and color. But I also strive to keep myself open to life's small miracles and blessings—those little gifts we overlook almost every day, but which can make all the difference. The big stuff is great, wonderful…but it's the little stuff that truly enriches.

Grizz………… said...


Yes, it is exclusively autumn's special light—not the same as the golden glow of a spring sunset, though I'm not sure I could say why. But nevertheless different.