Sunday, January 11, 2015


For the past few hours, I've been keeping an eye to the west. West is the direction from which our weather typically arrives. My interest was piqued because the National Weather Service has been nattering on about a major storm for hours, and had a "winter weather advisory" in effect hereabouts until 4:00 p.m. "Rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice accumulation, snow." A 100% chance.

It's now 5:39 p.m. and…nothing. Zip. Nada. Diddly-squat. Nary a drip, pellet, or flake has fallen. Not even a chilly mist. Which is not a complaint, mind you. But such a lack thereof did rouse my curiosity, so I checked out their various radar maps. 

Maybe a half-dozen miles to our north there's a decidedly ugly mass of nasty weather stretching from Indianapolis, Indiana to the west to Mansfield, Ohio in the east, and north nearly to Lake Erie. We're just below this storm-band's southern edge.

To the south of us, perhaps a dozen miles, there's an even bigger, even uglier mass of stormy weather spanning from west of Louisville, Kentucky practically to the Ohio River on the east—about to cross over that eastern border to enter West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 

Our amnesty—whether by a favorable whim of the weather gods or some simple high-pressure anomaly—is because we're in this perfectly clear slot—a storm-free lane within that huge mass of hazardous weather the NWS has been warning everyone about. But not, alas, for too much longer, since a glance at the pertinent, wider-spanning mosaic sector radar shows plenty of storm yet to come. Sooner or later, I fear our reprieve will end.

Now, though, we're in the V.I.P. seat! 


Gail said...

HI GRIZZ = great, great picture of Winter, nature at its best. You really capture the essence of whatever you are photographing - such a gift/talent!!
ut weather was predicted quite accurately for a change. A bit of snow/sleet/rain to all rain as the temps rose above freezing. Skipp is headed out to get the oil changed nd some basic service on our car and I ave a yen for butter-pecan ice cream so that is on the errand list as well :-) We are making oven fried pork-chops for dinner, roasted potatoes, corn and apple sauce and ice cream seems like it will complete the meal. Don't you agree?? :-)
How's the beard/not a beard saga going??
Love to you my friend

Grizz………… said...


Hey, that sounds like a fantastic dinner to me! All good stuff! I'd come to dinner. :-)

Weather-wise, we're at 32˚F and 20˚F for tonight's low. Yesterday's weather event never did arrive other than a bit of drippy mist about midnight and some fog this morning. They predicted snow all morning, which didn't happen either. And now they've pretty much given up on other than possible rain/flurries sometimes tonight, with tomorrow sunny.

The beard, which really and truly never was intended to be a beard, got shaved the other day…but is now back as two-day stubble because I'm again just not shaving.

A couple of evenings ago, the window on the driver's side of my pickup decided to come off its track and fall inside the door. So I've taped some heavy-duty vinyl sheeting as a temporary replacement over the opening, but will have to get that seen to soon. Below zero temps, rain, sleet, snow and all such typical mid-January winter weather is NOT the time to have your window down!

Take care, stay warm, eat well…enjoy!