Friday, March 20, 2015


I was sitting at my desk the other evening, finishing up a few things while waiting for Myladylove to get home from work, when a hint of movement just over the lip of the riverbank caught my eye. A moment later, a possum clambered into view, pausing at the top to look around furtively, like a sneak thief getting ready to commit a break-in.

It wasn't a big possum, as possums go, not in the least portly…more svelte than porcine. A petite possum with a pink nose that seemed to glow in the gathering twilight. A "she" possum, I decided, though I hadn't a clue one way or the other. But rather pretty for a possum.

Miss Possum had apparently made her way here to check under the bird feeders for any tasty tidbits of noshing interest to a wandering marsupial. I thought about redirecting her around the cottage to the back, were we put out a rather well-stocked compost pile.

She continued to appear apprehensive, or at least nervously cautious, taking a step or two, pausing to look this way and that. Surprisingly alert for an animal generally considered a world-class dullard. Your typical possum invariably seems predestined to make the fatal error of attempting to stare down an oncoming Buick…a singularly vacuous trait that forever secures its title as the poster critter for flattened fauna.

I hoped my pretty little pink-nosed possum avoided that fate.

After a few minutes of nosing about, she ambled around the cottage corner and out of sight. Places to go, things to do. A busy possum, looking for an evening potluck. Which reminded me that Myladylove would be in soon and I needed to get our own supper going. I made a mental note to save a few scraps to put out front—just in case my cute little visitor returned.  



Gail said...

Hi Grizz - no matter how you spin it, and beautifully spin it you did!! I cannot find anything remotely pretty about a possum, :-)
As I read your post I thought to myself only you could make this creature beautiful. Wow
Love Gail

Grizz………… said...


Oh come on now…that pretty pink nose, and those matching toes—or how about her highlighted ear tips, and that winsome expression? You gotta like something about my gal possum! ;-)

Gail said...

Hi again and nope - can't see it!! :-) I like that you do though!! k? Heehee
Love you and our ability to banter

Scott said...

Not to sound judgmental or saccharine, but I don't think there's an ugly animal on earth. Sure, there are some that are unusual looking and strange, but nothing is ugly. And, opossums don't come anywhere near to unusual or strange. I'm always delighted when I have the opportunity to see one; I don't often have the pleasure.

Grizz………… said...


No offense taken, though I hope I made it clear I thought this particular possum was rather pretty. And I don't think opossums in general are ugly. True, Gail wasn't swayed by my post or subsequent comments, and that's okay, too. We're all just having fun here, being ourselves—opinionated, emotional, human.

Ugly is just as much a subjective call as beautiful. And there are a lot of factors than can influence either.

I do happen to think there are at least a few decidedly ugly animals, though—which doesn't keep me from liking them. But I say that, in part, because I think there are any number of astonishingly beautiful animals, and I don't see how you can make one judgement without the possibility of making the other…it's that span that gives meaning to any personalized response.

I love fishing and fish. There are some truly beautiful fish out there—trout, of course, especially a male brookie in full fall colors; various little darters; several of the sunfish. But the catfish clan claims more than a few slots near bottom of the ichthyological beauty scale—and yellow bullheads are, well, downright ugly. Love to catch 'em, love to eat 'em, admire many of their traits and abilities…but wouldn't want to kiss one one the lips. There a reason wildlife artists seldom do limited edition prints of paintings featuring yellow bullheads.

Anyway, for what it's worth, that's my humbly biased view. :-)))