Thursday, April 14, 2016


It's sunny here today. Which makes it the second sunny day in a row! I believe this sets a record for the month! 

Various weather intelligentsia claim we'll reach a blistering mid-60˚s high! Moreover, they predict even warmer weather for tomorrow and fo several days thereafter.

I'm trying to not get my hopes up too much…but  could April finally be coming around to acting and feeling like spring?

Apparently the birds and squirrels think so—at least they seem inordinately energetic this morning. 

The resident pair of Canada geese have been flying up and down the the river, honking full-volume to beat the band.

Nuthatches, cardinals, bluejays—practically the whole feathered host of dooryard regulars—have been working the seed feeders and the cracked corn I scattered out earlier. 

And the squirrels, either the Silly Seven or Nutty Nine (frenzied bushytails being difficult to count) are dashing about, chasing one another, leaping through treetops, and occasionally thundering across the roof like deranged buffalo.

Yup. Spring fever has indeed afflicted everyone—myself included. I awoke in a mood of constructive inspiration. So overcome, in fact, that I'm now fixing to head to Lowe's and procure materials for a backsplash and wall covering for the area over the kitchen sink. 

Will wonders never cease! 


Gail said...

Hi Grizz - and Happy Spring - as once again your weather mimics ours to a tee!! We are going to get outside later as well - planting some of our new bushes and shrubs, 2 lilac trees, a tri-color butterfly bush, hydrangea, and bleeding heart for starters -my Sis is arriving tomorrow for a long weekend and much awaited visit with two azalea in tow :-), our border flowers and various ferns and colored grasses-bushes actually, are ordered!~ We have been busy designing where and what to plant, And of course our vegetables too, but not quite yet.

Enjoy this glorious sunshine and feel the love
Love Gail

Grizz………… said...


Just came inside for a breather and cold drink. Sounds like you're busy too.

I got sidetracked in regards to my planned Lowe's trip…went to the shed to put something away, noticed my hostas poking up through the leaves, started doing some raking and just a bit of general area cleanup, and have been at it ever since. Now I've got piles of stuff scatted about, with more to go, and all will eventually have to be wheelbarrowed to the compost pile. Guess I'll be here the rest of the day.

But the bright sun's warmth feels glorious!

Penny said...

So glad spring has finally sprung and new things are growing and the urge to do things has returned.

Grizz………… said...


I'm really excited to see spring finally arrive. It's wonderful!

As to things to do, I have at least a couple dozen projects awaiting! So much work, so little time!