Thursday, April 28, 2016


Apparently this is going to be one of those on-again, off-again weather days—dark, cloudy and looking like rain one minute, only to turn sunny and bright the next. The wind is gusting and I regularly hear not-too-distant thunder rumbling. But so far only a single brief drizzle has fallen. 

None of which is a complaint. It's April, and this is typical spring weather here in southwest Ohio. I actually rather like moody and mixed days. Though such capriciousness is playing havoc with the cutting and fitting of materials needed for a little bit of remodeling I'd hoped to finish on the kitchen today. 

Because I have no garage, carport, or even a shed big enough to serve as a workshop area, the back of the pickup is stuffed with plywood, 2x4s, and similar building materials and serves as my rolling "lumberyard." The tailgate is a makeshift workbench. And I must set up any power tools—drill, sander, circular or saber saw, along with the sawhorses—out in the open…which means I have to keep an eye on the sky and be quick get things into the dry should I think it's about to rain.

Unhandy, frustrating, and more than a little risky given the price of good power tools—especially given my tendency to become focused on the task at hand and oblivious of my surroundings. There's a better than even chance I'll forget to pay attention and stuff will get wet. I have no illusions when it comes to my propensity for distraction… 


Gail said...

Hi Grizz - your honest self reflections are refreshing, at times humorous, sometimes serious but always truthful. Such a tribute to your sound character.
I can picture the back of your pick u truck laden with all your project needs and parts. Like a homeless person's shopping cart :-) But in yur case you have a home just no enclosed work space.
Here, the weather mimics yous, once again. The vegetables are panted and some of the shrubs and bushes. Funny little 'man-story'. I had said to Skipp,
"you really should get yourself a wheel barrow", he replies,
"for what, I don't need a wheel barrow,and where will I keep it?"
I respond, I think in or in back of the shed would work"
he remained kinda quiet.......while pondering

guess who bought a wheel barrow and uses it every time he is doing yard work? Yup, that would be Skipp. And of course I remind him that I was 'right' :-) And he just smiles.....

Love Gail

Grizz………… said...


Ha! Love it...and you're exactly right, the back of my pickup does look like a homeless guy's cart! Perfect description. Lumber, tools, boxes of suff, one big glorious mess. And it suits me just dandy.

We bought a big heavy duty wheelbarrow first off when we moved here. And use it nearly every day, all year around, for one thing or another. Best money we ever spent! In fact we were just talking the other evening about how this one is looking pretty rusty and shopworn and wondering how much longer it will last. But there was no question that should it give up the ghost, we'd get another one straight away, same day if possible, the biggest, baddest, most heavy duty model we can find. We couldn't survive without our wheelbarrow. Good thing you did Skipp's thinking for him.😉 Sometimes us guys have trouble seeing the obvious, but trust me, his spinal column will thank you every time he wanders outside and does yard work. And I think you need to make him take you for the occasional spin around the will put him to the manly test, developed trust between you, give him some exercise, doubtless give you a thrill, and if he accidentally dumps you onto the grass, you can blame him for reckless driving, hold it against him for blackmail, and demand God knows what manner of gifts and paybacks! Birthdays, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, why the sky will be the limit! Sounds like a real plan to me.

It's raining here today. FYI, my colonoscopy turned out pretty good, but have to do another in six months.

Be good...but don't overdo it.

Gail said...

Hi again - a spin in the wheel barrow!! Now that is "you-tube video worthy"!! I love how you love your trusty ole wheel barrow. Perhaps you should give it a name :-) Like, Nellie, or Andy, or Buster or Brutus

It is raining here as well, and will do so again tomorrow then a bit of sun late Tuesday and Wednesday and then rain from then on for a few days. Good for the newly planted vegetables and shrubs and bushes.

The pizza dough is rising on the counter readying itself to be rolled out for our home made pizza later, topped with my home made marinara sauce, parmesan/romano grated cheese, italian seasonings, shredded mozzarella, a drizzle of olive oil and a bit of pepperoni scattered about and a nice bottle of chianti - SO many blessings in what I just described, so, so many - Amen

Glad all was ok w/the colonoscopy. I had a bit of a shiver of concern as to why you need to do it again in six months. Praying for all good outcomes.

Love to you always

Grizz………… said...


Was supposed to rain, but is sunny and hot instead. Myladylove is off to participate in a Women's Wellness Walk for breast cancer awareness…which she had some years back. As did my mother. BTW, the six months deal is because I had a couple of polyps removed. Don't think they're anything to worry about, though won't know for a couple of weeks.

I've just returned from buying 15 bags of mulch at Lowe's. Trimmed limbs and honeysuckle this morning. Turned out to be a great yard work day. Your pizza sounds good, even though we had pizza for dinner yesterday, and the day before right after my procedure. One can never have too much pizza. I'm going to grill a couple of steaks this evening. A red meat man-food supper! :-)

Hey, I'll keep watching You Tube for that wheelbarrow ride…and I actually like Brutus as a name. Very apropos.

Judith said...

I've missed you both. Never get to stop and see you anymore. Miss the river terribly too. Have something for you if I can ever get around to you again. Got no car.

Grizz………… said...


Sorry I couldn't answer sooner, but my latest post should explain.

We're still here, though seem to stay busy from sunup to sundown. The lovely old river is still here, too—all the birds and critters. Not much has changed except for the dying or already fallen ash trees.