Saturday, April 9, 2016


Another weekend morning…and another morning landscape white with snow. Snow which fell during the night and continues to fall. And of course, the concurrent cold temperature that goes with it—26˚F when I checked earlier, with the day's predicted high to reach only 38˚F.

This is getting to be an unnecessary and unwelcome habit. As much disheartening as it is annoying. Where's spring?

Admittedly, it isn't much of a snow as snows in Ohio go. Probably less than an inch, though it's currently snowing more at this very moment—a fine sifting blizzard, swirling about thick and furious, so perhaps the grand total has yet to be determined. 

But depth isn't really the issue. The problem is timing, season, and our collective expectations. We all want and expect green, but we keep getting white! Where was this snow—paltry though it is—back in January or February, or even March? But April? Sheesh! Why decided to show up now!

And really…temps in the mid-20s˚F? Come on! After all those lovely near-70˚F and above days served up during the year's first three months, why turn wintry now that we've rounded the corner into this first full month of spring? Such shoddy behavior is simply unacceptable. Who offended the weather gods?

As someone on Facebook said, rather succinctly: "Go home, April…you're drunk!" 


Gail said...

Hi Grizz - looks like you were rambling about my back yard to take the pictures. Our weather is the same as yours. Looks like a winter wonderland out my window. And it is really cold. We are tucked in, facing a tax challenge - seems we made an error - oh my........ the instruction form is NINE pages - ugh.......oh well - grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Good day for being held captive I 'spose!!~
Love to you

Out To Pasture said...

She should sober up by the end of next week. And now, we have the headache! But naughty April, while stopping me from doing outdoor chords, has extended my winter vacation indoors. More time on the good old piano!

Grizz………… said...


Rain here today, still cold, high only to be 38˚F, but warming towards the end of the week. Supposedly. Glad I had a big firewood supply this season! Being cooped up has many downsides, too...we tend to vegetate in front of the TV, cook & eat, and shop online. And as for our tax refund, while we got one, a big portion got spent on my truck repair, and the rest will go to meds and doctor bills from eye surgery.

No surprise, huh?

Grizz………… said...

Out-to Pasture…

Well, if April ever starts acting and looking like spring, I'll be overjoyed. And I suppose it will…eventually. Not today, though. Or tomorrow, or any of the next few days thereafter. But maybe sometime before May…or August at the latest. Meanwhile, as I said to Gail, we fill our time cooking and eating, buying stuff on Amazon, staring at the TV, reading, or occasionally bundling up and going out to shop or eat. My piano is due for a tuning, which I really must see to soon.